Kovacs Farm

Help Offset the High Energy Costs of Oil, Gas, & Electric!

We offer seasoned firewood that is stored indoors.

Face Cord $125.00
Half Cord $175.00
Two Face Cords or 2/3 of a Full Cord $210.00
Full Cord $275.00

U.S. Cash Due at Sale before unloading delivery or loading at pickup. All mixed hardwood. Pick up and Delivery are available. Delivery Fees based on distance. Stacking is available for a fee.

First Hay Cutting of 2024!

  • Grass & Timothy Hay.
  • No Chemicals all natural. Early Cut
  • Quality Feed for Cattle, Horses, Goats, & Lambs
  • $5.00 U.S. Cash Per Bale
  • Payment is Due before loading or at Delivery.
  • Wholesale Orders are welcome
  • We service Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Florida, and New York

We carry a wide variety of quality Pennsylvania hardwoods stored inside our warehouse, so it’s always ready to burn. Curbside pickup and delivery services are available. Call us or text us now at 724-771-4505 to order today!